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Friday, October 20, 2006

The Hole in the Tire Keeps getting Bigger

Free Overseas Phone Calls? And not using Skype but your regular Phone? You can hear the air going out of the tire, otherwise known as voice services. For a description of the service, please see this link. That is what is happening in the telecom industry and it is hard to see where the economics for Futurephone lies-hard to get more "rock-bottom" pricing than this. Hard to picture how you monetize this service. But it does portend the future where voice services are free.

This is an advance of your reading for New Media but Andy Kessler, former Morgan Stanley equity analyst for technology has a strong view of the direction of the media industry. Please read this link and its succeeding three other postings--serious strategic thoughts behind his "light-hearted" style of writing. Go wide is his central thought (not particularly new but insightful from a industry development perspective), but in the case above, with what?


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