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Monday, September 11, 2006

Steve Jobs and digital entertainment

This week marks the return of classes and I will be teaching IT Industry Analysis. S o for the next few months, this blog will focus on developments in the industry and their impact on our lifestyle and way of doing business.

Apple is set to come out with a new set of Mac products. Rumours are that it will be aimed at the digital living room--a space where Microsoft has tried for ten years but failed to capture. John Markoff, the noted tech columnist in the NY Times, writes:

With an enticing invitation proclaiming “It’s Showtime,” Mr. Jobs last week touched off speculation about how far Apple will go as it takes its next big step into digital video.

So what can we expect from Apple. On wednesday, we will cover this more. Any ideas on what Apple will do (or should do)?


Anonymous laurent Pawlowski said...

I read this article and search a little bit about that. If I understand clearly, it is only some kind of WiFi connector device from TV to Mac/PC (iTV) that will revolution the digital living room? We could do that previously with a wire right? In the consumer view, I don't see any revolution, jsut something better designed maybe (without wire).
This device is launched in a combination with the Itunes video download website to try to mime the succes of the previous combination iTunes + Ipod?
Apple has the wind in his back with its trendy image so it will probably be profitable but I won't bet for a blockbuster like Ipod.

1:07 PM  
Anonymous sanyin bogdan said...

bascilly user will be able from now on to watch their downloaded movies and other stuff from istore on their mr.pawlowski said it was all possibile before....i did that backhome.. but u had to have graffic card with tv out or tv out card in your comp....overall nothing special....but hey its from apple if nothing it will have estetic value in living room

8:23 PM  

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