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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Wimax and Sprint-Nextel

Wimax (or Wibro as it is known in Korea) is the "New Big Thing" and leading the charge in the implementation is Sprint-Nextel, one of the largest cellular companies in the US. The person in charge of the $2.5BN deployment at Sprint is Barry West, the former CEO of Nextel. For an insight into their thought process, see this article.


Anonymous laurent Pawlowski said...

Oh really interesting article. So if I understand clearly he said that the key success factor of Wibro is finally its variable cost to deliver information (cost of bit per hertz)? I don't know about the cost specifity but I don't understand why he compares CDMA network variable cost of bit per hertz and the same with Wibro. I think the biggest competitor for wibro is not CDMA as it was 5 years ago but HSDPA or HSUDPA and for that, we are talking about an efficiency of 25 bytes per hertz (6 times bigger than Wibro as it was discribed). My sources is
If we can believe what he said.

Also the fixed cost may be really huge for both technologies but maybe it was the same structure so the author dropped this detail?

By the way, Wibro is really the same as Wimax? I though it was what Korean telecom companies created. I heard that from November 2004, Intel and LG started to work on a compatibility between WIMAX and Wibro which make me think it's a different technology.

Oh it's still unclear for me.

1:18 AM  

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