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Friday, September 15, 2006

Apple Feedback

I hope you have had a chance to see the Steve Jobs presentation below. It is always interesting to compare how you perceive the presentation vs. how other pundits and commentators view it. David Pogue of the NY Times and a well noted tech commentator had this headline about Job's product announcements: New at Apple: Smaller iPods, Bigger Ideas.

About the same time, Microsoft was detailing more about their Zune music player that they will also be introducing shortly. The timing of their Zune news was not coincidental, of course. As the differentiating feature of Zune vs. the iPod, the NY Times notes:

"With the Zune, Microsoft said, users will be able to wirelessly send other Zune owners a full-length song, which the recipient can listen to three times within a three-day period. After that, the recipient will need to buy the song to play it again."

So do you think Microsoft has a chance? Is this feature enough to cause people to buy?


Anonymous laurent Pawlowski said...

Even if I'm most likely more interest in Microsoft product, I think it's too late for them and Microsoft's new features seems too small to offer real competitive advantage compared to iPod. Everybody exept Microsoft launched their iPod... Sony, Samsung, iRiver, Creative... Why Microsoft (and Toshiba) can make it with a likely higher price ($50 in addition to a current iPod)? By the way Microsoft will need lot of advertising to overcome it's not trendy image.
For me, I won't bet on Microsoft even if I can be a potential buyer.

1:00 AM  

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