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Saturday, October 28, 2006

Gaming and Nintendo

Nintendo is a company from which the gaming industry sprang. A Kyoto based company, its roots precede the advent of the digital age. As it grew in the gaming business, it became more difficult to deal with, even upsetting their alliance partnership with Sony. This split resulted finally with the development of the play station by Sony. The two are still battling, except now on different terms and platforms. The Economist has written an article on Nintendo's latest strategy. For the few of you who might believe that the best technology wins and you can overcome the opponent with the latest and greatest of processing horsepower and memory, this is "must" reading.


Blogger Honungsklubba said...

He he he... I remember that. it was during the Super NES age. Sony was on the SNES project to launch a PS version unit for the SNES to be attached to the console. I wanted it so bad, and I waited and waited and waited and... then PS showed up.... bought that one in 95' =).

Regarding Mr.Iwata's speech, it sounds like an excuse saying that they are on the right path of creating a gaming machine with more than just “horsepower”. The fact is, Nintendo got their butt kicked when trying to compete with PS2 and XBOX. After that, they change their strategy to focus more on "families" with kids, therefore different types of games. In that way they do not compete head to head with Sony nor XBOX anymore, and they sure as h** do not want to end up the way SEGA did. -Still, he got a point... if it is true though. But I believe more in those 130+ millions sold PS units around the world, and 160+ units for PS2…and I wonder where PS3 will end up.


2:31 AM  
Blogger Honungsklubba said...

oh yeah... Nintendo has a innovative way of creating this gaming experience, rahter than just moving two thumbs. See it for yourself. Uber in my opinion.


2:33 AM  
Anonymous laurent Pawlowski said...

Of course, the secret is not power... During long time, Video games testers were thinking that SOFTWARE (games) were the real horsepower for console and finally, Dreamcast from Sega shown us that also Brand name is important. When Sony entered the market with Playstation they brought bunch of new customers who started to play video games with Playstation and finally the community power brought more and more customers.

About Nintendo, it's hard to tell if they will win but I won't bet on them. Why? Let's cut the customers in 2 parts, gamers and non gamers. Nintendo wants to design a console for non gamers as they design a DS for girls and kids. THey wanna make a game easier to finish as they analyzed that people have less time to play. Gamers who search challenging games will leave Nintendo for Sony. For the non gamers customers, it's right that the way to play looks funny. I wonder if it will be really funny and/or accurate so in fact if the gameplay will be present. But I see 2 differences for that type of games : U need a big screen and u n eed space. For example, if u play with a screen of 36 cm, how the game will become? Back to 1996, I remember that the average size for console's TV was 51 cm that means small.
So in fact, that kind of games must be played in the evening room TV. Also 2 problems, ur games become the competitor for TV programs. Also How much did u pay ur BIG FLAT Screen? 5000 $? Will u let ur kid plug his Wii to ur flat screen?

6:36 PM  

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