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Thursday, June 08, 2006

More on Google's Spreadsheet

Nicholas Carr, who wrote a well-known IT pundit and author of a controversial article in HBR "IT Doesn't Matter", had an interesting point of view of Google's move into spreadsheets.


Blogger LeftBack said...

“Though the enemy be stronger in numbers, we may prevent him from fighting.” Tsun Tsu, The Art of War

These words by the Chinese military philosopher Tsun Tsu sum up Google’s strategy vs. Microsoft. When Nicolas Carr states that Google’s Spreadsheets application is a compliment to Excel and that it makes Excel more valuable, he is only partly right. From the point-of-view of an end-user, spreadsheets will be a welcome add-on to the MS product he or she already possesses. However, from a business standpoint, Spreadsheets represents a considerable threat to MS. Consider the business models of both companies: MS sells software; Google sells advertisements. If Google offers Spreadsheets and other web services for free, or even at a very low cost (only to be compensated by ad revenue), it will ultimately hurt MS, albeit in a zen-like "Googlish" way. Google will take money off the table that MS may well have earned through the selling of their own web services.

6:56 PM  
Blogger Jinwoo IM said...

Well. I don't think so. Now, I totally agree on his/her opinion because I think Spreadsheet of Google cannot be a subsitutue of MS's. I think that the Google's spreadsheet will just increase the whole market size by creating new market. On Windows system, other applications especially web programs which are not made by Windows API cannot be faster. That's really really strong point of MS. I saw the demo version of Window vista and Office 12. Those applications were so fancy and power because those applications have very strong GUIs and web & search functions. In my opinion, many people tend to neglect the power of strong GUI even though they are enjoying it. With these reasons, I think Google's Spreadsheet just(?) can be a complement of MS's Excel.

3:03 AM  
Blogger Jinwoo IM said...

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Blogger Honungsklubba said...

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