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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Two interesting articles on telecom, the "whys" of which we will discuss today. The first is that Intel recently announced that it has invested in two WIMAX service providers. And the second was an article that appeared in the UK that deals in fixed line telecom are at a four year high.


Blogger Jinwoo IM said...

The author mentioned two risk points for Intel to succeed in WiMax business: enough Wi-Fi hot spots and existing cellular networks which enable people to use Internet without big difficulty.
Should the WiMax service avoid competing 'wisely' just by occupying the 'niche' market like automobile navigation system even though it will be a big market? I'm interested in that this WiMax service could get the 'proper' position in the market without cannibalizing the existing Wi-Fi service because this can happen whenever the new service is launched. I think the way to make customers to perceive the difference between existing service and new service, which is more important than the 'real' difference between them.

10:46 AM  
Blogger LeftBack said...

By branching into WiMAX, Intel is trying to replicate the success it achieved in Wi-Fi using its Centrino suite of chips. It’s a natural move: Intel already has expertise in the area of Wireless Interoperability as well as considerable contacts and clout in the industry, traits attractive to fledgling telecom companies. In return, Intel gains entré into new WiMAX markets, especially those in lucrative emerging economies.

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