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Friday, November 14, 2008

We learned about Netflix in the prior posting when we were talking about innovation and organization. Reed Hastings, CEO, was speaking of Web TV recently in the following way:

The vision of the video industry is a simple one: to let you watch whatever you want, whenever you want, and wherever you want, and to help you discover what else you might want to watch.
"In terms of what you want to watch, we may be 15 percent of the way there, but this will grow with time" said Hastings. "When you want to watch is covered 100 percent, but when it comes to where you want to watch we're still limited to the laptop," the preference of course is the big screen. Finally, when it comes to discovery, Hastings said we're at 25 percent. To move ahead, we need a general standard, Hastings explained, a standard that we can publish to and a standard that all devices can support, the only problem with standards, he pointed out, is that they can take several decades to be implemented. According to Hastings, the simplest solution is to have the Web as a standard with browsers built into televisions. It will require only three components: broadband, a high definition screen and a remote. But, not any remote

This point goes back to the original discussion we had on IP TV--can we really expect the telcos to make a business out of the web--i.e., is telecom going to use video web to deliver a new revenue stream, or is Web TV going to use the telecom pipes to create a video based internet?


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