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Sunday, November 09, 2008


Last week we discussed about Cringely's view of Windows Mobile. For further evidence of how it is slipping (and Apple is rising), Gizmodo has this to report:

Apple, just a year and a half into the smartphone business, now has a higher marketshare than Canadian giant Research in Motion, and is second place only to Nokia. Apple's 17.3% share is just barely beating out RIM's 15.2%, and of course is nowhere near Nokia's 38.9%, but it's just one more sign of how important the iPhone really is. The iPhone 3G's launch throughout the rest of the world has had a huge effect on sales, and the phone has sold nearly 7 million since its July 11 debut. Apple's share of the entire cell phone market is now 2.3%, a pretty respectable number, and has pushed Microsoft's ailing Windows Mobile platform off the medal platform into 4th place.


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