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Monday, October 19, 2009


For the past several weeks, we have been kind of making fun of Microsoft--the big whale that was being harpooned by lots of little harpoons being thrown at it by Google. The NY Times produces a Microsoft view of the world--they have not given up. Notice the profits that they are making--somewhere around USD 15BN. And yet they seem so past tense. Anyway, here's a brief preview of the article and for more click on the link.

With the arrival this week of Windows 7 and a host of complementary, slick computers, Microsoft intends to undermine those Apple ads that mock PCs and their users as stumbling bores. Mr. Ozzie, who plays the role of visionary and strategist at Microsoft, says Windows 7 will let PCs keep pace with other computing devices and, in short, finally make them sexy.

In a play for its piece of the cloud, Microsoft plans to release a software platform, Windows Azure, next month that represents its bid to lure businesses with online services. While late to cloud computing in spots and a lackluster participant in the mobile market, Microsoft, Mr. Ozzie says, has a shot at reinventing itself and moving beyond the desktop.

“This gives us an opportunity as a software vendor to refresh our value proposition,” he says. “I just think it’s an exciting time for Microsoft.”


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