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Saturday, June 07, 2008

Annheiser Busch

The largest US beer maker, Annheiser Busch, may be sold to Belgium based InBev. What is the thinking of Busch shareholders?

"InBev's overseas clout is a key reason for investors to view favorably any bid for Anheuser, which faces a mature U.S. market and competition from foreign beers and wine. To diversify, Anheuser bought 50 percent of Mexico's Grupo Modelo and 27 percent of China's Tsingtao Brewery Co Ltd <>.

"A takeover would expand the globalization of their franchise, and we like that," said Duncan Richardson, chief equity investment officer at Eaton Vance, the 10th biggest Anheuser shareholder with 5.5 million shares as of March 31."

To read the article, go here.


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