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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Face Recognition

Great Article in the FT about Face Recognition technology. The applications (and related concerns) are mind-boggling and it is close to being upon us. FT writes: , an Israeli start-up company, has launched tools to help search for pictures on Facebook. Users can identify someone in a photo and the application will scour the social networking site for other pictures in which that person appears.

So far, the company says it has scanned 9bn pictures and identified 52m individuals.

This month opened its code to allow other developers to build applications on top of the technology.

Privacy activists are growing concerned about the potential implications of facial recognition as it use becomes more mainstream. The nightmare scenario is someone snapping a picture on their mobile phone of a stranger, then using it to search the web for information about them.

Simon Davies, of Privacy International, the pressure group, says: "If these work, we really are in trouble. Its an identity thief's paradise for a start, and a tool for stalkers and burglars. Once you are able to triangulate people - find out who, and where they are - you can find innovative ways to abuse that information."

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Job Interviews

WSJ had an article on 5 "Must Ask" questions for a job interview. The article is here. The toughest one was, "What's the toughest feedback you've ever received and how did you learn from it?"